A cross-examine nearly a undergraduates amount contained by Physics at CCNY?

I am a freshman in High school and I am very interested contained by Physics. I have been looking at many colleges and university, one of them happens to be City college of new york. Does Dr.Michio Kaku teach undergraduates physic if yes would it be a flawless reason for me to make ccny one of my top choices. ( I am still looking at other colleges. I just really want to be qualified by one of the best physicists in the world) Is that a bad thing? and any more question. what is a good major to run along with physics. I want to go into the field of imaginary physics and or Astrophysics.
Thank you for your time
I will be honest with you. City College does not have a good reputation as a university. It is distinctly third rate.

If you want to do Theoretical Physics and your Maths skills are strong, give somebody a lift a look at MIT or the California Institute of Technology. If you are ok to go overseas, check out Imperial College in London where four years of study will furnish you a Masters. Source(s): Son doing Theoretical Physics

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