*curriculum within us private schools*?

how many courses can i take in respectively semester ?
are athletics obligated to take ?
can i choose more courses from the same department ?
can i take extracurricular goings-on ? and how many ?
do private schools offer closely of journeys to participate in ?
Private schools vary greatly. Because they are smaller, they may not have as tons classes as public schools but you will likely find what you want, and good private school focus on college prep, so you will get what you need.

In my son's private high academy, the math dept has classes from Geometry to Multivariable Calculus & Differential Equations, the class after Calculus BC (AP). And everything in between, 15 total, so there is choice.

It depends on the arts school how many extracurriculars they have. At my son's school everyone must rob an art - drama, chorus, photography, drawing, painting, orchestra, etc. They must take PE from 9 - 11th if they are not on a team sport at the time. In 12th they can hold a medical type course instead. There are clubs for all kinds of interests, like photography, motion picture making, French, etc.

The private schools in my area almost adjectives have at least a week-long bonding trip for every grade. The Catholic school tend to have Retreats.

Look at the websites of schools you are interested in to see what is available.

Private school: http://www.privateschoolreview.com/
Every private school is very different from the others. That's one of the advantages. You would need to contact the specific college you are interested in.

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