16 and wanting to work for cult would moving to exotic york or LA be helpfull?

Im currently living in the UK but i was thinking of moving to either LA or contemporary york to possibly help with my carrer in whim. Im 16 and interested to become a fashion designer. Do you think this would help me contained by my carrer? also how old would i have to be to live in america and bassicly what would i want to do?
I could go to london but id prefer to just achieve away really
thanks x
No!! Now, off to bed
coz you can achieve inteveies easyer
please answer how was my vid
hey, i'm going to new york for the first time this winter and i too live in the uk:) all right if you really want to get away then you could go at hand. there are lots of short courses associated with fashion you could do whilst you're near but you'd have to sort out living arrangments legally as you're under 18. also courses are competetive but i surmise just getting an insight of how fashion is such a big industry around the world would be a big help to you.

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