“Hello, my autograph is Kelandre I am currently enrol contained by an Human Services graduate amount program?

with a specialization in non-profit organization. be looking to enhance my career in the Human Services and would greatly appreciate if someone in the grazing land would answer the following questions for me to help me on my path.1. How did you enter this corral? What has been your career boardwalk?

2. What is your typical day like in this position?

3. What challenges/frustrations do you frontage?

4. What are you favorite parts of this job? What gives you the most satisfaction?

5. What nature of people are most successful in this field (traits/interests/background)?

6. What is the culture/environment close to at this organization?

7. Who are your major competitors?

8. Are there opportunity for growth at this company?

9. Where does the organization’s funding come from? Is there stability in funding?

10. Who are your customers? Who do you serve?

11. What type of preparation, credentials and training would I need to enter this pen?

12. Is there growth in this field? What is the livelihood potential?

13. What can I do, if I enter this field, to make myself marketable and competitive?

14. What is the typical/average salary?

15. Do you enjoy any recommendations for me if I consider entering this field?

16. Do you know of any other people who might be compliant for me to talk with?
1 little option few other choices 2 hectic busy esp mondays. if u grasp unreasonable boss - u had it!
3 immatured boss sensitive colleagues 4 getting things done in a jiffy
at the end of the light of day - u know u did it well despite the odds and not being influenced by -ve mindedness around u
5 +ve outlook, determined, accurate aptitude. good family life
6 most times - apposite 7 none - most npos dont poach
8 hardly - npo have little growth owing to funding issues
9 donations - not stable but been regular
10 disabled, mentally challenge
11 - degree 12 can job hop and some pay more - potential - just about - maybe ceo
13 get a masters and then branch past its sell-by date from npo
14 $30,000 per year up to 50
15 conviction, job satisfaction, attitude, maturity
16 jump to an npo in the evening and speak to workers leaving for home
www.virtuesproject.com will help u excel

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