Medical School! Medical School! Medical School!?

I am going to McMaster university for Biotechnology. it is a joint venture between Mowhak college and McMaster. it's a 4 years undergraduate degree. I will gain a degree from Mcmaster University and a diploma from Mphawk College. So, is it a good program if you are planning to go into Med School. Are go sciences or health science degrees better than Biotech.

Biotechnology Curriculum:
I'm not going to ask you to go into details in the order of what your degree's requirements are. I'm just going to tell you to double major contained by chemistry/biology. Some schools will accept a Major/Minor combination, but medical schools are remarkably meticulous about having exact prerequisites met. A double major contained by these two fields will fulfill these requirements. If you wanted to be a nurse or a physicians assistant perhaps achieve a biotechnology degree. What is it? Who cares? Medical schools know what biology and chemistry are. Source(s): I've prearranged premed students with double majors in bio/chem that got agreed into med school.
not sure yet Source(s): my head

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