15 years elderly & wanna move from England to America?

I Am saving up money to fly to America (from england) i have relatives over there. But i haven't told my mum in the region of it. I am only 15 but find it really hard socially at school (a long story where on earth my best friend left).
I wanna do this more than anything i've ever wanted. I wanna be an actress & feel so helpless in UK where on earth i live.
I'm not looking for a lecture i'm only looking for advice, i've already made my mind up & the with the sole purpose thing that could stop me would be my mum.
My mum doesn't want me to leave before my GCSE's but don't they enjoy different qualifications in the US? This is why my mum doesn't want me to move to anther school surrounded by england because i'll probably have to redo a year if they don't have the correct subjects.
Another point she would find hard to deal with is my age, as i said, i'm one and only 15 & she still loves me with her whole heart, but she seriously doesn't understand that for 25 hours a week i'm near people that sometimes forget that I exist, & this is forcing me to change who i am. All i want is to have a fresh start while i'm still a kid, i wanna own some good memories.
So basically need some advocate on how to break it to or how to convince my mum.
If I was you i would hang on and stay just this ending year and do my GCSEs, and then if you still want a fresh start consider it then. You could get a fresh start at college or something after that and remain surrounded by UK until your 18, then move to america. Then you have more rights and stuff so its better to move then.
stay within england until you have done your GCSE's then you have something to other fall back onto if you get to america and afterwards move back to england at some point in your life, but biddable luck if you do move to america it would be amazing its something i have wanted to do ever since i went on holiday near a couple of years ago :)
you have to tell her straight up everything that yuo wrote surrounded by the question..

im not going to lecture you but it will be hard to live on your own surrounded by america and especially since you're under 18 you won't be able to do lots of things (including with handling finances)

but if you hold truly made up your mind and you NEED to tell your mum then this is the right time. about the GCSEs...contained by america they have SATs (not like the year 9 ones, they are harder) in the UK you hold to legally stay in school until 16 so it will be tricky convincing your school council that you need to leave.

perchance leave a detailed letter for your mum whilst you have gone out later when you come back she will have read it and can adjust to the idea better for you to discuss it.
Being lower than 18, your relatives here would have to have some kind of endorsed guardianship over you. They would have to to be able to register you for school and for any doctor visit.
At 15 you would be a sophomore in high school here. You would have need of to finish high school which mean junior and senior year also. consequently you would apply to colleges/universities.
My daughter is a double major with math and dance at college. I have to sit through many lectures from the head of the dance/theatre department- they make it clear that making a living as an thespian is going to be slim to nil. they make all students take theater methodical classes to help them get any kind of chore in the theater business
I dont know what a GCSE is but how would you plan to live in America at 15? Most jobs require you to have a glorious school degree and you would not legally know how to live on your own until you are 18. Just research different schools in England then when you are done come on out here.

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