About Rotary Youth Exchange In District 3140, Mumbai.?

I want to go on Rotary's Youth exchange from Dist.3140 that's the Mumbai Region.i have the following question. 1) How easier said than done it is to get accepted? 2) What questions do they ask surrounded by the interview? 3) On what all basis and characteristics do they choose you?
Unfortunately I can't help beside your exact district.. But I can help you only from what I went through within District 7120, Western New York.

1, To get accepted was not unyielding. (Although it may be a bit harder in India - but I'm not sure.) 20 students aged 15-18 registered, and 18 got accepted. Really, adjectives you have to do is be completely honest (but of course try to avoid saying any impossible things about yourself).
2, In the interviews here, many questions regard "why do you want to do this exchange?", "how will it help you later in duration?", "are you well at adapting to new situations?", "are you predisposed to learn a new language?", and lastly, "if ___ happen, what would you do?". You really want to make sure they know, that you are very adaptable to untried situations and are very willing to learn the unsullied language/be active, (like not on the computer all the time, willing to share in activities that your new university friends will ask you to do with them, stay out of bad situations.)
3, I think I big-hearted of answered that in my answer to 2.

I'm currently an exchange student in Germany, (got here 8. August 2009). I must say that you MUST be liable to get up and try new things, even if you'd rather sit and view TV! Before I left the USA, I was the average american - not fat, unsurprisingly, but I sat on the computer and ate McDonald's all day. And I'm really not exaggerating at adjectives. But here in Germany, I've had SO much fun.. My school friends get me to try out Waterskiing and I was SO afraid at first.. But I actually succeeded on my 2nd and 3rd tries, and so on! And I would NEVER have tried Waterskiing within the USA.
Also, food - you must be willing to eat different foods. I'm not sure about India, but here contained by Germany they eat bread and potatoes MORE than I ate McDonald's. You must realize that in some countries, you will eat different meal every day, and other countries, you eat (generally) the same types of food almost everyday. Source(s): I'm a foreign exchange student from District 7120, Western NY, and currently living within Cadenberge, Germany, District 1890.

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