About study surrounded by University.?

I'm studying in a high school contained by Australia now.What if I want to study in a university in Englan of America after I graduate from lofty school?Is it easy?Please give me some information.Thanks.
uk is presently cheaper than usa. it is easy if u're a hi-scorer. with uk u get to soar to europe and see all those beautiful countries. traveling is easy. airtravel is plenteous. do a 4 yr professional course eg statute, medicine. do an arts degree - u may regret it as its a degree everybody have and job market is tight. studies can be not so easy. try wales or scotland. charming places

usa - traveling is not smooth. airticket can be expensive. no night life in small cities. kinda dull. if u wanna do a professional scope - u have to do double degree - means 4 extra years of study. studies r much easier esp surrounded by small town univ.
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