Studying Abroad Questions & Answers

I own plan to study .NET COURSE , so can you backing me some one........ ?

I own score 57% contained by my 2nd year of dental scope..but donot congrats me as have passed my year.?

I passed 3 AS i.e GP, maths, bio.....and completed full A horizontal of physics. can i catch into Uni. beside this?

I really wanna step in a foreign country,how to kind it?

I REALLY want to study Abraod surrounded by japan for a year.. how can i do that.. so it wont be SOO expensive?

I really want to study medication but I suck at maths! is an A for maths mandatory to study pills?

I requirement some correct ways to study..?

I requirement suggestion,I would similar to to move about to Russia after academy to study Russian?

I stipulation help out beside what I want to study...?

I stipulation Study BE civil distance lessons?

I studied MCA from Osmania university. I want to study MBA surrounded by UK.?

I study italian words contained by italy can i study MBA here.i m pakistani?

I took a Toefl exam and get 73 points.Can I enter a university contained by England or somewhere?

I waana do sap from shu university( uk) . pls comfort me out ..?

I wanna do my masters contained by network or entrenched systems out of the country, minister to choose!?

I wanna do my Pharmacy instruction surrounded by Australia, I be wondering how I can put together close to 1Million per year?

I wanna do my phd(pharmacogenomics) within canada,so can u plz.. write how to grasp into niversities surrounded by canada?

I wanna know wethr it would cost smaller quantity for nouns tickets if you are going out of the country to study.?

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