Should I study in a foreign country during my senior year of illustrious institution?

I come from a very small town and have two close friends. I am afraid that we would lose contact and I would consistency guilty about the price. I am also quite shy. Do you deliberate that i would miss all of the memories that are made senior year?

Answers:    College-wise, I think it will set you apart from other candidate to take initiative and study in an strange learning environment for self betterment. Considering it is your last year of large school, though, I would have to recommend against it. There are so frequent memories that I have of senior year that I won't trade for anything, prom especially. If you don't care something like the extra wow that it would provide for college applications, remember that you can always study abroad surrounded by college where they would have more option for you. Also its a really bad time to go to Europe if to be precise where you are thinking of going. Our dollar is so low compared to the Euro that you will spend more there consequently you think you will.
yes you would miss your senior year. Studying abroad is amazing, but you are still young-looking and there is no rush.

If you wait until you are surrounded by college, more mature, with possibly more money, you will wallow in your time abroad to the fullest and still have your senior year of dignified school memories.
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