Spanish Classes - 20 or 30 hours per week?

I've got 3 weeks in Spain to cram as much Spanish as possible before beginning at a Spanish university (I can currently conduct a core conversation about family, life span, interests, but am not comfortable enough to study in Spanish)

Any recommendation on whether 20 or 30 hours per week will help me to improve my aptitude to study in Spanish the most? Is it best just to do 20 hours a week, do my homework and interact near Spanairds a lot, or is that 10 extra hours of class worth it?

Answers:    I did 30 hours a week on a language arts school in a foreign country. This was too much, because when I added the time taken up by writing exercises for homework - I have left myself without plenty time for personal study, and revision of the stuff in the classes. You are going to have to budget time for study grammar and vocabulary by rote. People who did fewer hours surrounded by class than myself were able to organise their study more effectively.
R U within the program in Cuba where it is skilled in Spanish? U can do it but you need to stay up time & night to get it down resourcefully. Good luck!
either 247 or 6 i ain't sure which one but i know for a fact its one or the other

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