Any suggestion or idea for my research proposal in teacher education?give me some references for your answers?

Literacy is a big buzzword in the educational field. I'm working n my masters in Education, and 90% of the classes I've taken are on literacy.

An interesting topic could be the correlation between gender and literacy. Or socio-economic value and literacy.

I'd post some references, but they're all linked through my college. A good place to start looking (if you're at uni) would be JSTOR and Wilson Web. Your library would be subscribed to those databases, and those would be a good place to start.
i don't have references but i just watched a show called "are you smarter than a fifth grader" last night, where the contestant, a high school history teacher, was eliminated after 4 questions, having been bailed out of the first 2 wrong answers by the fifth grader that was helping him. the 4th question they both got wrong. he got one question right - what decade was gold discovered in California, and he got this right because of the San Francisco 49s, not because he teaches kids about the gold rush.
the questions he got wrong were:
what state was named after a king of england (he answered N. York)
all birds are mammals. T/F (believe it or not he answered true)
what body of water connects the hudson river in NY to a great lake (he didn't even know there was a river in NY and didn't attempt an answer). this question the 5th grader also got wrong, and so this teacher flunked out.
my suggestion would be how many teachers have totally lost sight of the basics, and why is it that they have? what can be done in teacher training courses? maybe even compare those teachers who have and have not taken the Praxis content knowledge test. how does a teacher who according to the notes that popped at on the screen graduated with a 3.5 GPA not know that birds are not mammals? how does a history teacher not know there's a river in NY?
How about how differentiated instruction positively affects the students' learning?

You can refer to ASCD site for info. Also google info on Carol Ann Tomilison for details.

Happy Writing!

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