Should teachers be paid more?

Question:Serious answers only. Do you think teachers deserve a better salary? Why or why not?

By the way, I definetely think teachers deserve a higher salary.

Of course they should - THEY are the ones who should be getting the salaries of star athletes or movie stars.
Especially these days, teachers are doing SO much more than actually teaching content. They end up being counsellors, social workers, nurses, coaches, etc. - because of the many problems our current society has brought us, teachers have picked up the slack.
Yes! Who is responsible for teaching the politicians, scientists, doctors, lawyers, and other vocations to read, write, and do math? Teachers are the foundation of all that is good and working in America! Take the teacher out of the equation of society and what is left? It's not a pretty picture without teachers.
Of course. The reality is that the number of students with special needs is at an all time high. The number of students with disciplinary problems is at an all time high and the level of support for teachers by parents is often very low. The District expectations for teachers is nearly unattainable in most schools.

People in other professions would need to walk a mile in a teacher's shoes before answering this question!
I think teachers should be paid by merit. If their students are getting good grades they should be paid more. If their students are failing they should get paid less. this would bring more qualified teachers into the system, and also weed out the teachers that should not be there.
ABSOLUTELY! They have to deal with some pain-in-the-* kids every day, and I AM BEING SERIOUS!!
They do get a better salary. what city are you from? Higher salary like. higher than the policeman. what im saying is everybody deserves higher salary. I dont really know how much higher you are talking about.
Yes, most definetly. The teachers at my school put a LOT of effort into making sure my classmates and I do well this year in our final exams. My music teacher, especially. She holds choirs, bands, organises camps and excursions and many other things, yet does not get paid any extra for it at all.
But I do not like the proposal put in by the Australian government to give higher wages to the teachers who's students get higher marks. What if that teacher has a remedial class, whos students put in a heaps of effort, yet still get "D"s? Those teachers will be penalised.
ALL teachers should have higher wages
yes. they have a lot of work to do at the same time.
I think that yes, as we continue to teach, we should make a higher salary. Part of me would like to say "let's pay teachers on merit," but that's just silly. What would happen if you had a class full of apathetic students who don't see the value in education? Should that teacher suffer? I think not.

I think that by increasing the salaries of teachers, we allow people who have a higher caliber of education to become teachers. While many teachers would love to stay in this profession, they financially unable to do this. I've had many co-workers who have had to work two jobs to make ends meet. It's sad.
oh yea. they put forth so much effort during the day with those kids...and then they go home and plan, many teachers are all but forced to coach or oversee clubs in addition to their regular requirements and many times they are not even compensated!

By the way,for those agreeing with merit based pay: Have you ever tried to teach 35 9th graders right before lunch? Have you ever tried to teach that many students when they decide that "today is a free day" so they simply won't listen? Have you ever tried to explain to a parent that their student was lazy and wasn't working which is why he/she got a bad grade? Plus, if you did merit based pay, who is to say that all of my students suddenly became genius students and got A's...and sweet, I get a pay raise because of it? It might not be ethical, but it happens a lot.

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