Any suggestions on what type of gift to give a 5th grader at the end of the year?

Question:They don't need planners for next year (they are already provided). I thought about nice pens but that just seemed cheesey and I think that they would lose them. I'm trying to figure out something fun and something that won't break the bank. (Less than $2/pupil).

Autograph books, yearbooks and t-shirt are already planned for their 5th grade party so those are out also.


Get personal with it...make them each little, colorful cards that say: (Name), I enjoyed having you in my class because ____. Let them know what they're good at. Maybe attatch little candies or something equally as fun to the cards. Kids love hearing about what they're good at. :) One of my teachers did little things like this, and it meant all the world to us. Hope this helped!
I think pens are a good idea. And they will lose them along with the planner :)
Get a gift card for some store around town. It's always the right size and right color.
How about a 30 minute class game in the gym or on the playground with you playing? Free and LOADS of fun for them.
Make awards for them. Give each one in your class a "Best at..." award. ex: "Best at making the class laugh." "Best at helping with computers." I'm sure you know your students well and can probably come up with something good for each of them. Or you could use a digital camera and go around taking pictures of them with their friends and give them each a photo with a nice comment on the back.
I had a teacher once who gave me along with my fellow classmates each a chapter book. Inside the cover she wrote a nice personal note and signed her name. It was really sweet and it made me feel special because she had personally signed it just for me!! Pens are also a good idea. Well good luck!!
Can you get them certificates printed fancy with gold scrolls, and a line for their names, including something about their year in the 5th grade, in some cream colored resume paper, and mentioning how great they were, and wishing them success. The cost would be about $2 per pupil, and some would frame and like it. Or border it so it looks framed already. The print shops FedExKinkos, and those places can do this at cost. Either you design it from your computer and print it, or take it them.
They may lose the pens, although if they are fun and fancy, with loops in a shape, and maybe blue blue, or some nice color, with the 5th grade and school name on it, it may be nice.
Take pictures at the party. Mail each student a picture with a little note from you. That way you don't have to get anything ready between now and the last day of school. Kids love to get mail. The notes don't have to be long; they'll love reading whatever you have to say about them.
Go to Oriental can get items in bulk.
I always get geodes for my fourth graders as we study geology.
Perhaps something patriotic since you probably study US history? They have toys, pens, pencils, erasers, candy, etc.
Give 'em candy. My fifth grade teacher did that and it was a huge hit.
your phone number so that they can call you for help

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