AA degree: French and Spanish. Russian/English Native. Fluent in all 4.?

Question:Can i get a job at a middle school teaching spanish/french? what type of a degree do i need? would AA do? or do i still need a B.A.? and can i like be an assitant, or do i have to have a teaching credential? i love schools, and classrooms. its like... me. totally. <3333

try: http://www.hoover.k12.al.us
You can't have teaching job without a BA except maybe in specialized fields like wood shop. You can, however, be a para educator (teacher's assistant). Someone with your language skills would be snapped up in a heartbeat. (Spanish and Russian translator in one person? To die for!) A para educator often teaches small groups of students who need extra help (ESL, reading, etc). They are usually paid between $9-14 per hour and work 6 hour days. They don't get paid for days when there is no school, so it is hard to have it be your only income. Check with your local school district or state education department.

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