Any hope of finding an NQT teaching post for September with only a few weeks til the end of term?

Question:I will be qualified in July, and haven't found a job yet. I want to teach Reception. As the deadline for people to hand in their notice was 31st May, I'm now panicing as I haven't found anything yet and I'm worried that there are no more jobs out there.

All the jobs available from now on for a September start will basically be for NQTs.

Schools will continue to advertise and interview over the summer as well so don't worry about the end of term being your deadline!

Look at the Tes website regularly, you will be surprised at the number of jobs available out there!

Best of luck - I was in exactly the same position a few years ago and got my position at the end of June!
We have just advertised for a teacher as someone has just decided to move areas, I know of at least 3 other jobs in the Midlands area. Keep looking and trying.
Good luck.
Try looking in the Times Ed this week. There should be pages and pages of jobs. It depends where you want to teach.
As the deadline of handing in notice has just passed, those schools with vacancies will be advertising in the TES within the next couple of weeks so no, it is not too late. Even if you do not secure a position for September many schools would still accept NQTs (providing you have got QTS standards) from agencies.

CAVEAT - You have three years to complete NQT period, so make sure that you find the school that is right for you, not the first school that will have you.
TES has some in secondary but havent checked reception
log on to their website and create an email update
Yes there are jobs about and because the deadline has passed teachers currently in a position would have difficulty in applying for a september start, so many of the new vacancies may be aimed at NQT

Try your local council websites
it may be
www. (area) ie

they will have links to county based jobs including all teaching jobs.

Good luck!!

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