Any fun ideas??

Question:Hi! I have to do a presentation to get 50 pts. Extra Credit
for one of my classes. My partner and I were planning on doing it about blood pressure, (that's our first choice) but we
think that maybe our peers will not find it very interesting.
So now we want to come up with a DIFFERENT presentation.
Any Ideas?
here are the guidelines...
1.) has to be ATLEAST 45 minutes long
2.) Has to be school appropriate (unfortunately)
3.) We want to get our peers involved.
4.) we want to capture the attention of the class and have fun!
Thank you so much! I would love your help!

Maybe you could do the "Lost Island of Atlantis". I did it once for my powerpoint presentation and everyone seemed pretty interested.

Or you could do it on supernatural stuff, like ghosts, demons, and monsters.
How optical illusions work or simple magic tricks.
I offer this enthusiastic option.

Amateur Radio is a terrific hobby that equips you to do missions work as well as many other activities that will benefit not only yourself but others around you. is a good place to get information on it.

The hobby is less expensive than most activities, it is educational, you can build things, learn how things work, talk to people all around the world, become entrenched in the fraternal friendship shared among Ham radio operators world wide, and serve your community and the world with emergency and disaster relief commnuications.

If your going to do something, why not do something that is as good for the world as it is for you?

It's fun, it's timeless, it's not a total waste of a human being as most hobbies really matters...and did I say *FUN*? :)

My wife was once my girlfriend...high school sweethearts. Now we've been together 27 years, married 23. She is a ham radio operator with me.

Check out youtube for lots of cool amateur radio videos snippets that will help you presentation.

Go to and go to the database section and find out just how many amateur radio operators live in your area, and what they do, many of them will list their interests.

Tell your group what Skywarn is and how Amateur radio makes it viable.

Tell your group what ARES is and how it works.

Tell your group how EVERY ASTRONAUT is an amateur radio operator and how they contact schools from orbit by ham radio.

A Ham radio club in your area would be delighted to come and help your presentation with live me...they live for that...

Well good luck!

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