Am i entitled to have my work remarked?

Question:I have had my uni marks back for an assignment i work hard on. I only scored 37% which inccidently was the highest score in the class. The teacher is useless and incompetent and i have complained about him before. The work is at least worthy of 65% or more. Our classes average is 21% whilst all the other classes that did the same assignment. their average was 48%. No one in our class of 30 pupils scored a pass which is 40%.

What i want to know is can i have my work remarked by someone else? I am at university in England. Has anyone else had a simular problem?

The problem with this is that if you have been given the assignment by the same tutor it doesn't necessarily mean his marking is wrong!

If the mark scheme suggests you get the mark you get then that is the mark you get. However if you havent been provided with the information needed (ie assignment brief) to get a pass mark then it is a different matter!

If you disagree with your mark you need to take it further within the University - they will have a procedure for this and you need to find out what it is and then follow it.
Worth a try - I imagine you'd have more chance of success if the whole class make a request as a block.
Usually work should be checked by a second marker or an external examiner. Speak to your personal tutor or the leader of your programme.
You are always entitled to that. Always.
Hi - your course will (should!) have an appeals procedure. This will be published in a course handbook or equivalent university handbook and will take you through the appeals procedure.

All courses have built in quality systems such as internal moderation that check marking and assessment decisions for robustness and quality. This includes accuracy of grading decisions and quality of feedback. This should identify any potantial problems with marks and marking.

Either way, you have the right to appeal, but you do need to initiate the process.

Be aware of when exam boards are - this is when marks are gathered officially - ideally, you need to get your appeal in before then.

Be confident about making the appeal. If you feel that your work has been wrongly assessed then do it. Your degree depends on it!

The very best of luck.
Yes you can appeal the descision and they are obliged to have the work remarked and regraded.

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