A high school graduate is deprived of her diploma because of her rowdy family cheering at graduation.?

Question:Is it fair?

No, I read about this. She can't be held accountable for someone else's actions, even if they're her family. And a school official described graduation as a 'solemn' affair?? What a load, it's graduation, a CELEBRATION. I think it's ridiculous
This actually happened? My word! Of course this is not fair. That student worked hard for her diploma and she is the one who is recieving it, not her family. The family could have been asked to calm down or leave for innapropriate behavior, but to deny the girl her diploma is plain wrong!
bring them to court... money talks u know
no, it's wrong!
Yeah that is really not fair for the student. I understand the family was really excited, what family would not be? I would really discuss this with the school board or who ever it takes that would make a difference.. Good Luck
I don't think it is fair! I can hardly believe this happened! Graduation is a celebration. If it was solemn occasion or if they were being too rowdy the family should have been ejected instead or the girl being punished
NO, NO, NO!!!

She had no control of her family!

Have the parents contacted a lawyer?
Apparently, some people get so loud and rowdy that other graduates do not get their recognition. Other parents are denied the ability to hear their child's name announced. That's not fair. These people were warned and contracts were signed. They had full notice about what would happen if they disrupted the graduation. I'm sure the rowdy family would not have liked it if they could not hear their child's name being called. People need to have respect for others.
Absolutely not! Now if the student was inappropriate or defied the administration's instructions for proper graduation decorum by turning and interacting inappropiately with her family as they were being rowdy, that is a different situation.
Seems to me none of the adminstrators ever went to a bar. If they did, they would know what bouncers are for. Hire a few of them and you'll have the audience behaving.
Yes. Because the school politically forced the grad's parents to sign a consent contract to conduct themselves civilly and quietly during what's supposed to be a solem occaision--not a Hank Williams' concert.

Don't sign the contract--the kid gets NO diploma; sign the contract, abide by it's terms. Violate contractual terms, kid is denied their diploma until parents do eight hours of FREE labor on school grounds.

ALL the parents should have REFUSED to sign such insulting contracts and they should have, en masse, hired a sharply aggressive civil court lawyer(s) to go after the school for such strong-arm tatics. You can surely bet this WILL occur next year....

Case in point: A graduate who has political enemies can be denied their diploma and they and/or their families can be made to do humiliating FREE flunky labor--because the grad's enemies whooped up when the student walked across the stage. This IS a REAL scenario--and it HAS before happened.

But on the flip side of this issue, I do understand the school's desire to have a perfectly conducted solem graduation event go smoothly as planned; something I've never actually seen in over my 20 years of covering such events.

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