??i have friend who is falling behind in reading comprehension & math pre alg. what's best way to help??

Question:She is in 6th grade and while she can read and sound out words on her grade level she has no clue as to what she is reading, also outside of basic + ,- , *, /, she does not seem to be able to do more and her class has started pre alg. i want to help her are there any books i should use? any suggestions would be helpful also if she is getting left back if she cant go to summer school is there any way she could take a finale make up at end of summer to go to next grade?

Work with her. If she is having problems with pre-algebra then surely she will have a heck of a time in algebra. But you also have to find out if she cares about learning. You can't teach someone who doesn't care. If she doesn't care, then spook her. It works. But yes, google some help. Pull out the work books. Hey, play school! In 6th grade I played school for fun. Lol going into 9th grade I still do stuff like that. Buy a little chalk board and make up some work and act like you are just playing. When really you are teaching! ;)
practice practice practice

go to google and search for reading comprehension tests - i.e. give her a short passage to read and then have her answer questions on what she has just read

for math - go to illuminations.org it is the National Council of Math Teachers lesson website - it has great ideas with all the worksheets etc that she will need

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