Any body looking for teaching position?

Question:I am looking for teachers male and female to teach from kg to gr-10 for all subjects for a british school in jeddah, saudi arabia pls mail yr cv.

Put a professional ad on with a response email. If you have a website that explains the entire program, you will have a much better turnout. This post on does not seem like a legitimate job offer to anyone.
I don't think using to recruit teachers is the correct procedure to follow!!
As you're looking for any body, can we assume you already have a head? :o)
i am a teacher and i am interested to teach in that british school, can u please send me the qualifications that i should have to qualify?
Just a suggestion, but why dont you try Monster or something of that sort?

Monster is where ppl go to look for employees.. Ppl also go to find jobs.

You'll have a MUCH better turn out.
I am a primary and special needs trained teacher with 20 years experience of teaching children aged 2 1/2 to 19 with multiple learning difficulties, I have experience of teaching main stream early years and adults with special needs.
I am a 48 year old female.
Sure when can we meet for an interview. Send me plane tickets, hotel acc. and places to eat. Yia RRRight!

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