A teacher made me feel hurt?

Question:We were playing a triva review game in class and it isn't nesscary. You dont get points for it anyway, only extra credit points, I didn't need any because I have a B in that class. I'm quiet in that class and no one really knows me, it's hard for me to just get up and join a group, I hardly know anyone. We've done this before and she didnt pick on me. Why did she have to yesterday? it bothered me so much, I felt hurt by it. She said "join a group or go outside the classroom", "do u not hear me"? she mean about it, i didnt even have to step outside the class, i stayed there the entire time and i was only doing my work, it wouldnt matter if i joined another group, i'd be invisible so it really hurt :( why did she pick on me? other teachers dont do that to me, they know im quiet, whats worse is...she did it in front of the whole class..imagine how i felt

So sorry her comment was hurtful to you Diana. Why don't you go to her after class and let her know this. That you are extremely shy and it bothered you when she spoke out like that in class. Maybe she will place you near a group of people who are quieter students. You teacher probably is unaware that it hurt you unless you tell her as she is not a mind reader. Get it out in the open before you start resenting her.
i feel really bad for you... how old are you?
Oh get over yourself! Welcome to real life! What do you think your future boss would do if you didn't output?!
Suck it up.
Teachers can sometimes be really mean,trust me i experienced that with my P.E. teacher...Just don't bother with that.
HTH :)
hmm. she probably notice you coz you're always alone. maybe she just wants you to make new friends. and friends can bring out the best in someone. and dont worry. you'll forget all about that crap someday. trust me. ^^
Teachers are evil bitches! I have had one awsome teacher my whole life so your gunna have to get used to it. Sorry that happen. Things could be much worse though.
she was just trying to get you involved. my teacher does that all the time~
okay your making it so you dont participate, you are making it so no one knows you.

Why did she pick you, because you weren't participating or paying attention more then likely.

I would have said the same thing, if everyone else is doing something in class, youa re to be doing the same thing. And your only invisible because you make your self that way, and other teachers allow it, which makes it accepted in their class.
She wasn't picking on you she was making you do what you should have been doing, which was participating.

Other teachers should be stepping up and making you pull your weight in class.

I would highly suggest getting over your self and this i'm invisible attitude you have. and you do need the extra credit because you never know when you may fail a test.
Your teacher could have handled this better, but the truth is that you are not going to do very well in life by sitting against the wall and being quiet. It may be hard for you to participate in groups, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. If you don't at least figure out a way to fake your way through group participation, you're going to end up getting hurt over and over and over in life--you'll be hurt because you won't get the raise or the promotion you think you deserve, because the guy you like doesn't seem to notice you, because people will walk all over you, and, above all, because this world is just way too crazy and busy for everybody to stop and make a special effort to make you feel OK about being antisocial. I'm not saying you have to become the life of the party, but you have to claim your place in this world and participate in it at least to SOME extent.
I'm assuming you are in Jr. High or High School. Those are tough years. When I was a Senior in High School I had an English teacher who absolutely hated me. She didn't like my opinions. Unfortunately, we had to write many papers expressing our opinion. She would always give 2 grades on a paper one for content and one for mechanics. She always gave me an A on mechanics because she had to. She always gave me an F on content because it was subjective and she could get away with it. The unfortunate thing is that you can't really fight your teachers. If you try, it will only get worse. Just keep doing your best and it will pass. You won't have her as a teacher forever. In my case, I graduated High School, went to University, and got straight A's on every paper I wrote. My total GPA for all classes was 3.85. Pretty darn good if I should say so myself. The BEST revenge girl is to live well. Don't let her get you down. It is no reflection on who you are or what you are capable of. Live well and that's the way to really show her!
part of class is joining i the activities but the teacher was rude to you. She could have said it nicer. chances are that she was having a bad day.BUT talk to her about how she made you feel because that was not right.
I remember in middle it was hard for he to join groups but sometimes you just have to put on you big girl panties and deal with it.
Have you ever been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder you should look into it.
First, I'm sorry it hurt.

Second, being quiet and trying to make sure you are not noticed is a sure-fire way to make sure you get noticed.

I am a youth pastor. There is one girl in my youth group that is very shy, but she also has an amazing amount of talent. I put her in the forefront of everything that we do, not because I want to hurt her or embarass her, I want her to break through the barriers that she has put up around herself.

Though your teacher didn't do this in a nice way, I imagine that this is what he/she was trying to do.

In the real world, the world outside of school, you will be confronted daily by people who will do far worse. This teacher, though it doesn't seem like it now, is doing you a favor by trying to get you to confront your fears and overcome them.

There is no truer say than this; If you never leave your comfort zone you will never grow past your current station in life.

One of the worst things that society is doing to you young folks today is instilling the idea that feelings have more value than they need. Everyone gets hurt at some point, but the test of character is in how you deal with your hurt. If it motivates you to be more than you currently are, then you are a winner in life. If you let it beat you down, then the game has beat you.

In life there are winners and losers. The only place that is not true is in school. The system is trying to protect you so much that they do not prepare you for the reality. When you get a job, you will be passed up for the promotion, you will not get the raise you think you deserve, you will work with people that you don't like, you will work with people that don't like you.

You will be in competition for the rest of your life. There is no better time to learn to play the game than now.

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