ESOL Teachers?

Question:I am an Adult ESOL teacher working for a training provider (2 years) but I would really prefer to work in a college. It's so hard to find vacancies even though I live in West London. How did you secure your (college)ESOL post?

Have you tried the Times Educational Supplement's online jobs page. I have just checked and there are 156 teaching posts advertised in the London area in FE colleges alone. ESOL vacancies advertised in colleges all ask for an ESOL Teaching certificate. If you haven't got one, well, enrol for one. However, you might get a vacancy on your experience. Another route is to apply for and work in half a dozen part-time posts at different colleges and apply for vacancies in one of them whenever they arise.
I think that you may have missed the gravy train. The further education authorities are finally waking up to the fact that most 'ESOL' courses are just used as a conduit for free Internet access and the benefits gained with a student visa.
You might find something of interest here

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