Aeon Interview ...What is the best 5 minutes lesson to teach?

Question:I am trying to think of a fun and interesting lesson that will be engaging for students in an Aeon ESL interview. I was thinking of doing one these: weather; animals - male, female, baby; prepositions of place - in, on, above, between etc.

Which would make the best lesson for 5 mins? Any other suggestions?

You are talking about a mini-lesson to present during your interview with the AEON recruiters, right?

Of your listed ideas, talking about the weather or using prepositions sound the best to me. But don't worry too much about picking "the best" topic. The primary purpose of your 5-minute lesson is to give the recruiters a chance to see what you're like as a teacher. You don't want to have a really strange or boring lesson, but professional appearance, poise, clear speaking voice, and enthusiasm are more important than your choice of topic.

Oh, and just to make sure you know, your "students" for the lesson will be the other people interviewing for a position with AEON. There won't be any kids or real non-native English speakers there. You'll get your first chance to practice on real students after you're hired, when you go to the training center in Japan.
the best lesson to teach in 5 minutes is all about the animals. children would love to hear a lot from animals. it is interesting. show them some rare pictures of animals.
Prepositions are often a hard concept for ESL students to grasp. I think it would be fun to teach a 5 minute lesson getting "on" "under" or "above" objects.

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