^^^Plizz tell me something, i have a job interview tomorrow as a T.A..What questions will i be asked?

Question:I just wanna be kinda ready for it. I called them, they told me to go tomorrow morning for the Interview. Its an elementery school..
----Have you worked, helped kids in schools like that? im 19.
----Can you tell me what you might guess the questions will be like?? i wanna be ready to answer. So they can accept me right away. Thank a lot if u can answer. :)

Be professionally dressed and well-mannered. No cleavage showing or short skirts. Avoid talking in slang, use proper English.

They may ask:
Why do you want to be a TA?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your life goals?
What work experiences have you had and what did you learn?
Can you work as part of a team? How would you do that?

Hope this helps. Good luck.
I would think they might want to know if you can spell and express yourself using correct grammatical expression.
hi check this link its good



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