Any hints on finding a teaching job in New Jersey?

Question:I am currently searching for a teaching job in Monmouth & Ocean counties to no avail. I graduated in 2005 with a degree in elementary education. Since then I have filled three maternity leave positions (In South Carolina, where I went to school). I have spent the past year "paying my dues" as a substitute teacher in various school districts. I also took some extra classes in math to become highly qualified to teach middle school math.

I am currently certified K-8 in New Jersey and am awaiting the scores on my Praxis test for middle school math. I have sent out my resume, sample lesson plans, and letters of recommendation to over 50 schools in the past two months (Including private and charter schools). I am intelligent; I graduated with honors and a 3.46 GPA, and always act courteous and professional when I substitute.

I would really like to teacher next year and can't afford to substitutive for another year due to student loans. Any advice would be appreciated

New Jersey is a very tough market to find a job in... South Carolina is a lot les competitive. :)

Sounds like you're motivated and working very hard. And after three years of subbing-- you've definitely EARNED the right to a full-time job. :)

A few hints--

- Be sure your cover letter stands out-- use some bold face and bulleted lists... Maybe even a splash of color in the letterhead.

- Find the schools you want to work at most and send a nice letter directly to the principal. and attach a resume. When you make direct contact with principals you're more likely to get an interview-- you cannot depend of Human Resource Offices to call you up sometimes, especially when they have tons of applicants. Trust me-- after you've applied, send a letter of interest to the principal. :)

- Follow up on all of your applications... call the HR offices and ask them if they have everything they need.

Here's a link to an eBook that might be helpful to you-- it's "Guide to Gettingthe Teaching Job of Your Dreams"-- . It has advice on finding teaching jobs, common teacher interview questions, interview advice, resume and cover letter tips, etc. Maybe the book can help you out.

Best of luck!! And don't become frustrated... your hard work will pay off!

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