Any ideas for end-of-the-year gift for students?

Question:I have been a long-term sub in a 5th and 6th grade learning support classroom for about 3 months. I would like to give each of my students something little but special just to let them know I've enjoyed working with them. Also, they come from rough homes so I just want to show them that someone cares about them. However, I don't have a lot of money to spend. Does anyone have any ideas about what I could give them? Thanks for any suggestions!

sit down one quiet afternoon and have each student write something positive about everyone in the class.. yourself included...

Then you take each list and type it on the computer in a program where you can add a border or clip art... Add the year and your name... or even a photo of each student and print it on nice certificate paper... I bet each kid would treasure something so special!

Can't take credit for this idea.. .check out an inspiring story that will bring a tear to your eye about what an impact a teacher can have without even realizing it at this link..
THE DOLLAR STORE! Every teacher has at least two or three they know of, even if it's a 20 mi drive. Ask around if you don't know of one. For $20 you can take care of a whole class - baseballs, diaries, stickers, candy, whatever.

find one near you at
Buy them pizza, or ice cream. You can also buy a bunch of white shirts (cheap ones) and have them draw on it, and sign each others shirts. That will be something they will treasure forever, yet its pretty simple.
Group photos. Children that age love to remember friends and if you snap a couple of group shots of the class or groups that tend to be togther at lunch or outside break. Then go to Walmart and they have a photofun machine you could make a photo-postcard or card they can keep.
Parties come and go- give them memories. Get pictures of each child, some plain but cheap frames, and write words that remind you of the child around the edges. I would bet they would keep those for years.
This year, I have taken many pictures of my kids at different activities. I plugged them into Windows Movie Maker and made a 'movie' for each of them. Your only cost would be the CD's to burn them. If you do not have pictures, perhaps the parents do.
how about order qdolls?
you can visit this link to see detail!

i think you can give them oil painting from their photo means turn their photo in oil painting it will create nice impression on them.

Capture that special moment.turn it into a masterpiece that will last forever!

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A great idea for a personal and unique gift is a handmade painting made from a photo that you send.

Check out this site:

The prices are reasonable and the outcome is amazing.

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