A teacher friend of mine believes that ALL of her acivity on the internet can be monitored by her school?True?

Question:She believes that any site the enters, any blog she reads, can be entered by her shool's filtering system. Is she right, or just paranoid? Thanks.

Since she's logging in from school, yes, the technology is out there to do all these things. Many company servers keep a log of what people visit and when.

However, whether they actually ARE checking on her is another story. Most schools don't have the budget for this, and even if they do, it's highly unlikely that anyone is actually watching her, because in most cases it's a waste of time. Unless she visits some hard-core porn site that raises a red flag, she's probably safe.
yes everything can
Only if she is using a school computer.
It can be when she is using the schools computers. In fact, a lot of companies monitor their employees' surfing habits.
Not only can they, it is their legal right to do so. The internet at school, or at any business for that matter, is deemed to belong to the owner, in this case the school. Just because you are viewing private stuff, even your personal email, because you are using their business connection, the information all belongs to them. It would be unusual for anyone to bother to check normal traffic, but visits to inappropriate sites are often flagged for the administrator to check out.
Yahoo also stores every search you have ever made, against your individual ip address, for ever. Google only keeps it for 2 years. Every site you have visited, ever, is stored on your pc in the id.bat file, which cannot be opened or erased by you (ccleaner is meant to erase it, but who knows for sure ?). The FBI etc continuosly monitors the www for key words. Post a whole bunch of key words about terrorism, drugs, violent groups etc, over and over, and you get yourself flagged for investigation.

Big brother certainly IS watching.
Actually many school district even use IP companies that monitor the websites, and keep track, other block directly the site, and beyond that anything you really do on a computer will be stored on it. and doing things like deleting the cookies and history doesn't really help.
She isn't being paranoid. In the school system where I work, the superintendent not only monitors the activity he also reads e-mails from one employee to another. He even monitors whether we read his emails or not. He has too much time on his hands. I believe he is the one that is paranoid. Whether you work for a school system or a business, know that big brother is watching because big brother rather monitor what everyone is doing than do his actual job of running a corporation.
She's right -
they can and do monitor the sites each computer on campus vistits but they may since the technology is out there record even the keystrokes. so everything they may type such as in emails can be recorded. i have not heard of districts doing thins but even this technology is available.

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