Am I qualified to supply teach for the remainder of the school term?

Question:I have just finished a PGCE in Media and intend to work in the FE Sector. However, as summer approaches I could really do with earning some money and I'm wondering if I can register with an agency in order to supply teach in schools. Can I do this and which are the best ones?

Yes you can - although as mentioned before work is a bit thin on the ground at this time of year - try Select Education I have always found them to be the best - and they can also help you look for FE work later on!
Okay do you subsitiute teacher? if so it matter what the school district needs and their requriements. I would tell you to call around to the different districts and ask question and put in a application.
As far as I understand, you can register with a supply agency as an unqualified teacher (pending your PGCE) . You receive less pay than a qualified teacher. I would warn you though, that schools will be made aware of your position, so they will have the choice whether to have you working in school or not. Also, supply work is often thin on the ground in the next few weeks. I only use a local supply agency so I can't give you any tips on which are the best agencies. Hope this helps.
Yes, but you will be paid as an unqualified teacher (In UK anyway) - all to do with red tape and cheap labour I suspect!
There are loads of supply agencies - go to local as well as national (based in your nearst city or large town).
Yes you can definitely take on supply work at this will get paid as an unqualified teacher but the pay is still good. Speak to local schools direct as well as go through supply agencies.

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