A student is doing poorly in your class. You talk to her, and she tells you that she considers you to be the?

Question:A student is doing poorly in your class. You talk to her, and she tells you that she considers you to be the poorest teacher she has ever met. What would you do?

"I'm sorry that you feel that way, but it doesn't change the fact that you are not doing well in this class. Is there any way that I can help you to make improvements?"

"Is there anything specifically that you find wrong or offensive about my teaching style?"

Although it may be extremely tough - consider what she said. Probably, she is just spouting and embarrassed. But if there is any truth to her criticism, then it would speak extremely well of you really consider things and make some changes.

Good luck to you!
u talk to her in a friendly way and ask her how does she like u to teach her... wat r her requirements.... how does she feel comfortable.
Ignore her because she is trying to blame her self on you. Unless you are a bad teacher like the one i had in fith grade ow she was mean
Well, you can't smack her. Her bad attitude may be the reason for her problem, but you're her teacher, not her therapist.

You could ask her what's worked before to help her learn this topic or even let her switch to a colleague's class if that's possible.
This sounds like one of those trick questions interview/ Praxis II test questions.

Tread carefully here. A word to the wise: One student could say that to you b/c it is actually your teaching style that is throwing them off, maybe they are kinesthetic learners, and you completely miss that in your style.
Maybe the kid has stuff going on at home, and can't concentrate in class.
Or maybe, the kid goofs off in class ALL the time and so they don't do well.
Each would be handled differently. But communication with the student IS the key. That, and reflecting on your teaching, and content, ect.
as a student it is up to them to be able to draw the needed information from the instructor and materials, if they need more help they should seek out study groups or partners, but in the end it is up to them to be responsible for their learning, remember minds are like parachutes they only work if they are open!
I'd ask her what she thinks you can do to be a better teacher. If she looks at you blankly then her response was probably just a cop out. If she offers a legitimate answer, you might try to keep an open mind about what she has to say. I always value feedback from my students. It's hard to take sometimes because it kind of hurts your pride. I just always try to remember that the most important thing is being the best teacher you can be and that's more important than protecting your pride.
If this student is the only student that makes a negative comment about you, and all the other students do well in your class, then it is the student's issue with herself.

As stated, if she thinks you are a poor teacher she should tell you what the problem seems to be, ask her to write down the specifics so you can address them. If she doesn't, then she is using you for an excuse not to do her work.

You can be encouraging and supportive and tell her that you would like to see her do better and give her a second chance to improve. Remind her that it is her responsibility to pay attention and get good grades that you only grade based on how well the given assignment is completed.

If this is a junior high or high school student, ask the other teachers whose class she is in what kind of student she is. This could be an eye opener and maybe if others have the same problem with her as you do, refer her to a counselor or put her in homework club where she can get the assistance she needs overall.
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