"Blazing the Trail" Western School theme. HELP!?

Question:It is my first year as a teacher and I will be teaching Kindergarten. my school has a "Blazing the Trails", (our mascot is the mustang, colors are navy blue, brown (horse) and gold outline)...i need a classroom theme that somehow incorporates that. but i dont want typical cowboy hats/boots...something different. i WANTED my theme to be stars and im still going to...but i need to have something to incorporate the school theme. any ideas are appreciated!!

I'm not sure if you are asking how to connect content to your theme or more ideas about the theme. Blazing Trails -- to the stars comes to mind. Use the shape of the mustang as the astronaught's emblem and Mustang as name of the space ship. Your K class can be the Trail Blazers- since most things are new for them- Use stars to highlight their work on bulletin boards. Use a horseshoe in some way -- If this is not enough then put cowboy boots on the astronaughts! lol.
You need to do a classroom theme called "A DAY AT THE TRACK". I know that Mustangs don't race, but you can draw a race track and do a theme kinda like the Kentucky Derby.
hope it helps.

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