Any advice?

Question:My mom is forcing me to play piano. How do I avoid or distract my mom from making me play piano? Best advice gets 10 points*

Just go with the flow for awhile. You never know you might have to make a living at it someday. Music is a gift and makes you a more rounded person. It is highly looked upon when someone can play an instrument very well. I'm sure you dion't like school much either but you still need to stick with it.
Talk to her about something she likes talking about for 5 minutes and maybe she'll forget. Always works with mine.
But then again, sometimes I think she has A.D.D.
Piano is a very wonderful thing to learn. I highly reccomend you take lessons. You wont regret it in the future.
Maybe take up another hobby
i almost had to take piano lessons. the best thing you can do is convince her to not make you take the lessons or you can try another activity she and you might like.
I would just be honest with your mom. I would tell her that you really don't want to take piano and have no interest in it and would hate for her to waste her money on something that you don't have a passion for. I would also ask her why it is so important to her that you take piano, it it is a really good reason like she always wanted to take piano but never had the chance or the money to do so she wants to give you the oppertunity you should respect that. If that is the case and you can see that it is that important to her for you to take piano lessons calmly see if you can come to a compromise, see if you can try, I mean honestly try piano, for say three months and then at the end of the three months you and your mom sit down and revisit the situation and if you still hate it and don't want to do it maybe then she will see that you at least tried for her even though you didn't want to do it.
But I have to ask, there are many kids who would love this chance but cant have it because of financial reasons or other constraints, Why dont you want to try this? Life is meant to experience and to keep your mind open to all new things. Hopefully by trying something new you will learn something new about yourself. If you dont want to do because you are afraid of what your friends would say then they are not true friends for if they were they would accept you no matter what you do.. so what are your reasons for not wanting to try this?
Try to find a tune that she doesn't like or find irritating. Learn to play it and then play it all the time. She might just think that the piano lessons was a bad idea.
Sorry, I agree with Mom. I didn't listen to my mom and quit piano lessons after four years. I can play but, not as well as I should. I have used what I know on many occasions and wish that I would have listened to Mom. Moms always know best.

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