1) what is the difference between a university and a community college? what is a B.A?

Question:just wondering the differences between universities and community colleges? Also what is a B.A. There arent any Universities in my local area but there is a community college. the only problem is the cc doesnt offer the degree program i'm interested in.

A university is typically a 4-6yr program in which you would receive a Bachelor's degree (B.A is Bachelor of Arts and B.S. is not bullsh*t! It is Bachelor of Science) You can also recieve a Masters and /or a Doctorate (PhD) from a University. A community college is a 2 yr program to receivean Associate's degree or a Certificate. MAny ppl go to community (jr) colleges to get basics done at a much cheaper price and close to home. Once you get your Associates (or even if you don't) you can transfer credits in to the university to count toward your degree. Most Universities will accept up to 64 credits that can be applied to your degree.

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