Any Reading Activities for Kindergartners?

Question:I work with 2 kdg. aged kids. I work with them on sight/high frequency words and they do fairly well. However, they get rowdy and inattentive in a hurry! What kind of simple activies could we do to have them work on sounds/easy words?

Play sight-word bingo. Put all the site words on a bingo-like card, read the word outloud, and have them place a marker on the matching word.

You could also play memory where there is a picture and a word pair - they have to be able to read the word to match it to the picture.

If they have access to a computer you could try It has online free activities.

At wal-mart you can get a "tub" of 176 phonics tiles that they could create words with.

Give them them letter cards/tiles and see who can create the word you say the fastes. Or give them cards with the words on them and see who can find the word first.

These just come to the top of my head.
make them read the adventures of huckleberry fin,or harry potter,or something them will explode their minds for pette sakes someting like abc`s god r u that dumbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!... im gonna break my keyboard!
I'm so glad you are working with them! Do you write the sight words on index cards and make them each a packet? They can practice on their own, and then you can make a game out of it, like seeing who can read the word first, or even just drilling them independently and letting them put a sticker on the back of the card if they get it right. Another thing that you can do is start having them write sentences or phrases to go with their pictures. They can use the high frequency words they know and also practice their letter sounds by sounding out words. Sight word Bingo is another fun thing, and using letter tiles is great too. You could pick a couple words per session and have them make the words with play doh or noodles, or painting, or cutting them out after you write them on construction paper. You could have them search for words in the newspaper headings and cut out. There are also great beginning reader sets out there, check or any teacher supply store. The books will feature on one or two prominent sight words and they will feel success at having just "read" the book! Good luck!

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