Any good tutoring programs in Palo Alto, CA?

Question:I'm looking for a program for my daughter to sign up for-she's going into sixth grade and would like TO TUTOR, not BE tutored. I can't find any yet, but she would like to tutor a child in reading (any age). Volunteer programs are great by no means does she want to get paid. Please help-all teh searches I've donehad results of programs where she wouldn't do the tutoring, she'd BE tutored.

Contact your local public library. They may be doing summertime reading incentives and could match your daughter with someone. Check with the local school board or principal of a nearby school. Sometimes they may know of someone who would like tutoring at home (your daughter probably could not volunteer through the school, not sure). Perhaps YMCA. But be very careful and do more background checks for her safety.

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