AHH!?! I have school electives soon and i dont know what to pick!?

Question:cause everyone at school is like picking a similar subject while i'm stuck thinking what i'm going to do! some people say do the subjects you love doing while others say these electives depend on our futures and others say do the subjects with ur friends! and i'm only in year 9 while on picking 2 subjects!

I'm stuck with-
computer tech

what should i do?

Elective means it is your free choice. Choose something you would like to learn more about. Of course, at your age peers are important so if you choose one your friends like it would be fun to learn together. Any of the three you mention will help to broaden your thinking which is a good thing for the future. If you are brave choose something you know the least about. You are to be admired for thinking before you choose. Only you know what is best for you, trust your own opinions and you will be OK.
If you are in Australia (as I suspect you are - since I did those exact (minus art, as I explain later) subjects here, and they would probably have different names in USA). then this will help. If ur an american, then disregard it.

Hey- you arent STUCK with computer studies and commerce, those subjects rule. Are ou in Australia? coz I am too. I did both com studies and commerce, but I had to do Religion as a compulsary third elective coz by school loves focing usinto good christians.

Computer studies was the BEST subject I ever did by the way. And these subjects are not important at all to your future if you plan on goin to year 12. If you only want to go to year 10, then they are more important, but not that vital.

If you do end up going to yr 12, these subjects are not prerequesites for you to study any subject for your HSC.
OMG relax its just like year 9.
These are just Electives, they dont matter on your future.
Just do what you want to do and have fun
only the subjects you choose in year 11 + 12 matter on Univercity and such Do Art and as for computer tech its aCOMPLETE BORE you will not enjoy it and commerce is ok.
Its just year 9 Electives GEESHHH
Pick what you feel you will excel in, both classes. OR pick the hardest and the easiest, to balance your GPA. Have fun and LEARN no matter what you pick.
Well electives do depend on your future, but they also have to be something that you want to do. Maybe you should start by thinking what you want to become after you graduate. Choosing electives should then become a little easier. Hope that helped!!

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