American dream?

Question:what is the American dream?
what does the American dream consist of?
how does literature affect it?

The American Dream is to work hard and have everything you want and to have more than your parents did. It consists of monetary security, real estate, recognition of work/skills and satisfaction with the results. "Living well is the best revenge." It's why they call it a "dream" because it eludes most of Americans born here. Immigrants, though, are a different story and their dream is to have all the things their birth country could not provide or would not allow. Literature affects it in when we read of lavish lifestyles or challenge met and overcome. It gives us ideas and sometimes clues or advice for achieving it.
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"American Beauty" defines it all. Great movie. I actually had to define that question in my English class using that movie. (but in the end does having the American dream bring happiness? if no then how can you live the american dream?)
Isn't it funny how we each have a different "dream"? Most people will say Fortune, Notability, Health, Family, Home, etc. To me it's just to be happy and make others happy when around me. In past days, our literature sure made out to everyone having trials and tribulations that usually could be solved with sweat, tears and family. I can't come up with current literature that portrays that anymore. I was going by stories like "Little House on the Prarie"; "Love Comes Softly", etc.
I've always thought that the American dream simply (but not so simple to achieve) that anyone should be able to achieve whatever goal they set their mind on...could be wealth, position, property, freedom, happiness, or all of the above.

The "freedom" to pursue these goals is perhaps the core of the American dream since, without freedom, nothing else is truly possible.

The time worn "Abe Lincoln was born in a cabin" story is perhaps the most often repeated example of what one can achieve with only humble beginnings.

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