Any suggesting the most effective approach to reading,listening,writing... FRENCH?

Question:Any tips or methonds used to sharpen french skills would help? THANK YOU

Best thing to do would be to go to France. Oh I would love to do that.but if you are short on cash..or time. I would just take a class. Any HS or College should offer the class. You can do it at home as well. They sell tapes and CDs, as well as computer programs. There is a lot out there.
Bonne Chance!
as with any language, it is immersion. you have to live the language and culture.
Iam from france just make note cards thats how i learned to speak english! good luck!!
Best way is to just start listening to people speak french. Get like a CD with translations and repeat. I am french and learnt english by being totally surrounded by english speaking. Just keep speaking and listening to as much french as you can. Most people end up quitting even french immersion never worked where I'm from.
move into a french family? ha i doubt you'll do that though.

take french lessons, listen to french radio stations ( you can find them on internet!), go to some store and buy a french cd and just listen to it, fall asleep to it, and soon you're on your way to being french! learn how to pronounce things for one, and what accents ontop of some letters mean. that realllyy helps.

au revoir!
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