"Can you be a substitute teacher if you had a DUI six years ago?"?

Substitute teacher guidelines vary by the state or school district. Google your state department of education and you should find substitute teacher guidelines. Many states require you to take a class before becoming a substitute, and classes are often coordinated through area school districts and state district offices. You may want to call there and ask.

However, no matter what, I wouldn't let a DUI stop you from applying. You aren't applying for a bus driver's position, and you have an opportunity to explain any offenses you've had in the past. If you are asked to elaborate. Be honest, and show that you've matured past that time in your life.

Good luck!
i think yes. 6 years is a long time to have learned that what you did was wrong and completely change your way of thinking.
Well you should have already been hung for breaking the law but I wouldn't allow someone like you to be a substitute teacher. You might want to change careers and maybe start looking into storm drain repair man. I hope this helps!

this question is specific to the school district to which you are applying.

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