About movie "Speak".I am a teacher of teen girls at a State Children's Psychiatric Hospital -2 begged to see

Question:"Speak" based upon th book. One had already seen it. One had read the book. I asked the other girls how they felt about seeing a film dealing with trauma of rape.They wanted to see it. My ed. goals were to participate in a discussion (Were you ever in a situation about which you had no control- ie. traffic jam &you were late for work, a class you didn't want to be in.How did you handle it? ) To write a journal while viewing of visual, psych. &physical abuse you saw &an essay what characteristics would a favored teacher have, & did Melissa or her mother change from beginning to end ? The principal put 3 girls whose history I didn't know in class- their teacher was out- told him I wished I knew something about them- but did it anyway-Hr. after seeing it-1 girl cried- left class- Therapist - told me she had been raped 2 yrs. before- had flashback- Therapist told me it's ok- not to worry- girl is fine. A diff. therapist had told me ok to show. Stupid me.I Feel awful. How would you feel?

I'd feel awful at first, but then I'd get over it. Whether you show them this film or not, these girls will still have the emotional trauma that inevitably goes with having been raped. If all the girls were on board prior to viewing the film and KNEW it was about rape, then there's a good chance that the girl who had been raped in real life felt she was ready to view the film. Once she actually saw it, however, her emotions got the better of her. If I were you, I'd speak with the girl privately and let her know that you're there for her if she ever needs to talk. Leave it at that.

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