Any ideas on how to teach 7-8 year olds ballet?

Question:They seem a little to old for skipping and jumping only. But not old enough to do traditional things like the barre. Still wanna make it fun, but I need to make sure they are actually learning things, not just playing around. Please gimme some ideas! Thanks!

I teach this age of ballet classes and here are some of the things I do. I start with a class stretch -- we sit on the floor and stretch out our legs and backs etc.

We do a short barre -- This gets longer throughout the year, but when at first we just learn the positions and correct posture -- after a few weeks we do a whole pile/releve exercise, then we add in tendu, the later battement -- by the end of the year we usually are able to do 4 or 5 exercises at the barre

For the rest of class we work on walking and running across the floor with our heads up, arms strong and good posture

We also progressively through out the year learn, bouree, glissade, arabesque saute', pas de shaw, grand jete', and chaine turns. At the end of class we usually do a game of fun part of a routine. I hope this helped -- Good Luck!

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