Any ideas for a good gift for a teacher?chocolates or what,what can be the best?

Both of my parents were teachers (retired now). I suggest that you stay away from knicknacks, candy, and perfume. A gift certificate to a good store is a nice thing; also, my parents always loved to get baked goods from parents. Homemade candy is an exception; my father taught a boy whose mother made candy for ALL his teachers every Christmas, and it was something that everyone who got it enjoyed. Certainly my sister and I enjoyed it - and we were delighted that my dad taught him for three years!

Gift certificates to bookstores, department stores, even grocery stores are welcome to most teachers; teachers don't make just a heck of a lot of money, and if they've got kids, a little help in those departments is always welcome.
I think gift certificates are good..there are so many to choose from these days!
There is nothing that I like to get better than a nice card with a personal note in it. Those are the gifts that I treasure more than anything.
Try something different. How about a gift certificate?
My favorite has been a gift card to a mall. That way there are many stores to choose from. I often end up spending it on stuff for the classroom!
As a teacher, the nicest gift any one can give me, is one that pampers me as a woman. Give me a gift card for a night of NO cooking or a spa treatment and I'm a happy camper! Ofcourse, write me a nice and thoughtful note and I'm happy too...but the message at the SPA is awfully nice! I had a child give me a Scholl's foot bath this year. He knew what I needed!
chocolate! chocolate! chocolate!
Having taught during my earlier years, one of the nicest things that I got was a gift certificate for school supplies, and in turn the school supplies were passed out to the students in my room who needed them, or were on good behaviour and earned them. Oh ya, and another thing I enjoyed was someone coming in to help me a few hours a week.
Gift certificates. I loved getting them when I was a teacher!
Gift cards to Barnes and Noble and Starbucks, without a doubt!

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