Whats a good gift to get ur teacher at the end of 4th grade?

A gift certificate to a bookstore or educational store.

A bouquet of flowers.

A hand-made card or picture.

A framed photograph of the student.

A gift certificate to a spa.

Homemade cookies or sweets.

Lotion or bath products.

A nice book.
I gave my teacher a poem I had wrote.But of course I am a teacher's pet.
How about a nice ceramic apple.
A lettuce entertain you gift card for $25. thats what i am getting my teachers.
An apple.. im not sure
Ask your teacher. She'll tell you.
You could your teacher a box of chocolate(they all love chocolate), a picture frame( to maybe put a picture of your class), a card, or even something homemade(it shows you care about them enough to take the time to make it).
I'm sure whatever you give to your teacher will be really good and they'll love it! Good luck!
I'm a teacher, and my favorite gifts (besides the homemade ones) were stationery and gift cards. I'm constantly writing notes for myself and for parents and it's just nice to have them on cute paper. It's really nice when it is personalized with your name, school and grade on it. Gifts cards are nice too. My favorites are book stores- if I'm in a good mood I usually buy books for the classroom!

Whatever you get for your teacher, I'm sure he or she will love it! Like everyone else, we just love to know we are appreciated. :)

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