1.Describe methods that teacher used contained by the Elementary college to find you to swot up and remember persuaded facts?

practicals. get them outside doing stuff and quiz them at the end. Source(s): from a elementary school kid!
lectures, dictations, assigning reading, test, calling on you in class. If you understand you need to swot up it, you will
1. Teachers use many methods to help students remember. Review and repetition of previously learned things help memory. A behaviourist model would break up complex ideas into small steps and have students memorize and perfect one step until that time moving onto the next, while using rewards and implementing operant conditioning.

2. Classical conditioning doesn't really play much of a role in academy. Since classical conditioning looks at involuntary behaviour it is used a lot more in a clinical setting for way of life modification among other things. Operant conditioning is used all of the time in school. Punishing routine through bad grades, detention, loss of privileges and rewarding behaviour through good grades, treats, and extra privileges are examples of operant conditioning. Social erudition theory works the same way as operant conditinoing but instead of the individual self the target of the punishment or reward they observe the punishment or reward. If John seen Bill get detention for throwing a snowball, afterwards John, through social learning, will be detered from throwing a snowball. Or if John sees Bill get a candy for putting away his toys consequently John will put away his toys because he also wants a candy. Source(s): BA in Psych and a student teacher

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