10 points best answer! Plz comfort a a relative of mine received messages from me and it's really not me...?

I've asked this question lots of times in the few days but I still didn't get the answer I want so pl read in moderation:
ok the story is that a relative of mine received emails and he tracked the emails to see who sent them and after all the investigation it showed up that he's been receiving adjectives these BAD emails from me, and he says that it says that it shows my ip address and my home phone #, I didn't do it how could this be possible then?I'm confused what should I do? gratefulness in advance every answer is appreciated and promise 10 points for the best answer!
Ok okay OBVIOUSLY some on hacked your account without you knowing and nearby sending emails to your realtive to piss you off or something. so to make sure of this check your sent messages and see if you sent any emails out you dont member sending and in that is then someone obviously knows your password .. did you tender out to a friend or something ?? someone is Hacking your account. you need to close it down and make a modern one, but not right away
Well first, make sure it really is your IP address (he could have mixed up a digit). Second, have any siblings or family circle members that have a problem with him? And finally, in attendance are many people in the world that can hack computers and unsophisticatedly "steal IP addresses" to make it look like somebody else committed the crime.

If the problem continues, I would talk to him nearly it. Make sure he understands that it wasn't you who did it. If the messages continue, you may even want to contact the police.

Hope that helps.
you've probably got a trojan horse in your computer...get a repair man surrounded by there...
I don't know how this could happen but have you tried reporting to whom ever provides your site, Yahoo, Windows Live etc. open a hot account and or email address. Obviously some one has managed to win a hold of your information some how. Has some one at home gotten access to your computer and has a dislike for your relative and has he, your relative shown you his proof.
somone has hack your computer.... most likely through the internet line you have at home...
i remember fuzzily that this happend to a frendd of mine.
I think you may need to call you internet provider and own them check it out.
If a virus gets into your computer, it can easily go through your contacts within your email, and send others "bad emails" or infected emails...
Anybody using your I.P. address could be sending them... so if there are multiple computers contained by your house running off of the same modem then the I.P. will show impossible to tell apart... or if you have a wireless network, your neighbors could be using your I.P. as well... my suggestion for wireless meet people... put a password on it... could also be something potentially more dangerous such as a trojan or a hacker

Good Luck

Siye K... who would hack the account if they lived in one and the same household??
Sounds like someone in your house is sabatoging you or your relative is trying to start a fight. Source(s): merely guessing
If there's anyone else in the household that uses indistinguishable computer, that could be it.
did you both add each other on your yahoo

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