(teachers only) Is within something wrong beside me?

ok when i was a little girl in 1st order
my teacher gave up on me and told me i was stupied and coludnt do anything i ididnt cram anything until 4th grade cuz i didint know how to do anyhting. i learned how to do divison b4 anything then mulitpaticon next subtraction and then adding. i still feel at the rear im 14 and i jsut dont understand htings :( theres jsut tons of things i jsut never was toght to do idk and my mom never listens to me and im really really REALLY shy so they teacher never knew they jsut forgot about me so i jsut fell threw the cracks
what should i do?
im gonig to highschool next year
my boyfirend said hed aid me hes 1 yr older then me and hes REALLY smart and he tells me he know im really smart and beutiful and i know hes oging to help me with my hw and stuff but is there something i should do? this yrcuz i know it with the sole purpose gets harder
and idky i keep passing i option they wolud jsut hold me back!
i get Ds and Cs cuz i dont know how to do stuff from when i was a kid
but i know how to do the things surrounded by my grade but not alll cuz theres gaps :( help?? sorry for sisspelling im writting quick
am i going to fail in life cuz i dont know these things?
am i that stupied? :(
why did my teacher do that to me? wouldnt they see i was faling?
why ididnt they do anyhting about it?
and its so embressing i get made fun of sometimes
ppl will phone up me stupied or jessica simson :( but i really cant help it
Hi there, I am a teacher and I work surrounded by Special Education.

I believe you may have an undiagnosed learning disability based on what you've written. The singular way to be sure of this, is to do some tests that will have to be administered by a tutor who specializes in learning disabilities. Now having a erudition disability does NOT mean you are "stupid" - it just means that you swot up differently that most other people. With the proper help you can learn and excel surrounded by school. Some of the brightest and smartest students I have met had a research disability. Also many people with expert IQ's have learning disabilities, including Albert Einstein. It is sad that your teacher gave up on you at a young age - this is not your fault at adjectives. Your teachers should have been giving you extra attention and trying to find out why you weren't study as fast as your peers. However, it is not too late. My advice is to run to your school counselor in September (or before if you can) and let somebody know him or her exactly what you have stated here. Have a parent or adult go near you if possible and try to get tested. If talking to your conselor doesn't work, ask to collect with your Vice Principal or even the Principal. Don't give up until you get the give support to you need. You may be placed in Special Ed classes for a while or receive extra help - but again nearby is no shame in this. In fact, one student I know didn't learn to read until he be 14 years old and only because of the dedication of the teachers at his arts school.

Finally, don't ever believe that you are "stupid," you are smart enough and mature enough to read between the lines you need extra help. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong next to you and you seem very mature. Insist on getting serve, you deserve it!

Good luck

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