Im going to school on Tuesday and now they're saying that the teacher are going on strike and then someone tells me that the longer the teachers on strike than the longer we hav 2 stay contained by school =/ please tell me that's not true
It is true, you won't have to do more conservatory, not more days, you will do the same amount of days, but say school starts 20 academy days late, then 20 school days will be added to the conclusion of the year, so like we still usually get out in June, you would obtain out in July.
MOST teacher strikes usually don't last long, but contained by this recession, anything is possible, I am sorry this is happening to your generation. Please try to make lemonade out of lemons, because these times, this bleak economic time, you need to learn this skill. I will relay you , In the depression, like 1932, people, real average associates were eating weeds and grass to hold something to eat. We are not that far from that, the government is just not recounting us the truth, So if you don't go to school say tomorrow. try impressively hard to use it as an extra summer day you will lose next summer, Go out and own fun, you have to do this, you can't fight it and getting mad will achieve you no where > good luck. I am a retired teacher who be big in the union and knows in the order of strikes

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