1st year working as substitute professor?

Last school year I worked as a substitute but, only accepted coaching assistant assignments. I was always too afraid that I would not know what to do so I never accepted a substitute coach assignment. This school year I really want to make an effort to adopt at least a few classroom teacher assignments. I live in upstate New York and substitute for three or four small districts. I'm looking for associates who have substituted in New York State to share their past experiences and bestow any helpful advice. Thanks!
I believe you have to start somewhere. I enjoy been subbing in NJ for about more than a year very soon. I experienced working in k-12 districts. There were tough days, but how can you learn if you contain yourself? The more you experience, the more confidence you build being in a classroom. If you are planning to become a teacher, I recommend subbing as much as you can. This will look great contained by your resume once you start looking for a teaching job. Source(s): Graduate student/teacher

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