2nd level Fall crafts thinking?

I am a 2nd grade teacher and am looking for some ideas of what my kids can do the first week of conservatory, they individually have to do soemthing (write a story, draw a picture, craft) something that I can staple on the cork strip outside of my classroom. Also what is something I can have them make that I can swing from the ceiling tiles?
Read "Where the Wild Things Are", then have them gather adjectives kinds of fall materials-twigs, leaves, etc.. and then create monsters out of them. Make sure you enjoy googly (sp?) eyes to glue on them. Then, have them write an original story that go with the monster-maybe retelling the story from their monster's point of view instead of Max's. Or have them steep out a questionnaire about the monster.
To display outside yours class... you can have the students create the object (subject) they want to swot up about this school year. Be it a school subject, or something else interesting. To dangle from the ceiling... You can have the students write their goals for The year on stars/ clouds.

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