Music trainer sterilizes clarinet for ALL students to try, how does he do this?

Music teacher sterilizes clarinet for ALL students to try, how does he do this (with inference on the reed - isn't that what actually gets SPIT on it?) My son's group class (his first year) tested the clarinet today and he said that about TWENTY kids used the SAME clarinet. (each time it was disinfected with something) I am concerned roughly speaking this...swine flu is rampant and now it's got me worried.
He disinfected the mouthpiece and changed the reed. It's fine.

Where do you live that swine flu is rampant?
I'm sure your son's teacher is person careful and responsible... But if you're worried, you should call him and ask him yourself. He's the only being who can actually explain to you what he's doing.

On a side note: don't stress about the swine flu. This chronological year, the swine flu was actually less severe than most "regular" flues. Less associates died from the swine flu. As a high school teacher, I be worried about it, too, until a doctor explained the above to me...

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